Biggest Dangers of Using LegalZoom or another DIY (do-it-yourself) Online Forms Service

There are several reasons that you should not use LegalZoom or a Do-It-Yourself Online Forms Service. Many of the reasons and warning signs are spelled out in the Terms on LegalZoom’s website.  The highlighted sections below are the focus areas.


The biggest reason you should not use LegalZoom or another DIY (do-it-yourself) service is a very simple one:  They openly admit they are not a law firm, may not perform services that an attorney would do, and their website is not a substitute for consulting an attorney.  If they admit they are not a law firm and you should consult an attorney there is absolutely no reason for you to pay twice – once for their service and second for an actual licensed attorney.


A second reason to not use LegalZoom or another DIY service is that they use a forms system which is a one size fits all solution. As we all know no one is alike and no situation is the same.  Why should you be limited to this?  As an Estate Planning law firm, we strive to work with you and create the estate plan that best fits you – not everyone!


You may not think the forms will hurt you, but what if they do? In their Terms of Use you only have the option for arbitration.  This potential means you could never have your case heard in front of a jury, you will be limited to an arbitrator who listens to each side of the case and then decides the outcome. You are then bound by this decision and cannot seek further legal action.  If the decision is not in your favor you could be the cost of arbitration but also whatever other remedies a court may have awarded such as damages.


Finally, anything you say to them is not confidential and not protected.  There is not attorney-client privilege or confidentiality of any kind. You are merely protected by their privacy policy.  You may think this is enough, but it is not.  If LegalZoom was ordered a court to reveal their documents and your information they would have to honor the request and give them everything.  As an attorney we can only be compelled on very limited circumstances to reveal client information.  We must take it to the grave so to speak.


We understand that attorneys can be expensive which is why we created our concept to provide affordable and quality legal services to everyone.  We charge a fraction of what other law firms do but you still get the same sound legal advice and customer service.  Please see our Estate Planning Packages page or Contact Us Now to get started.

We Look Forward to Working with You!

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