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Why Do I Need A Will?

What Happens if I die without a Will or Estate Plan? The simple answer to this question is: Oklahoma Law will dictate where your assets and property will go. But many people ask why should I care? Every one of us has family and friends but also enemies. Enemies can even be family who we [...]

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Types of Spousal Support (Alimony) In Oklahoma

Types of Spousal Support/Alimony Oklahoma Divorce Attorney Alimony, or “spousal support,” is often a hotly contested issue in divorce. Alimony is support paid by one spouse to the other after the divorce not as a legal right, but more of a remedy for any financial inequality that may exist between the spouses after divorce or [...]

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Tax Consequences of Divorce

Tax Consequences of Divorce How might my divorce impact my taxes? A divorce will impact nearly every aspect of your life, including your taxes.  There are several potential tax consequences of a divorce, both during and after the divorce proceedings are finalized.  With the help of your Oklahoma family law attorney, you can navigate the [...]

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Effects of a Divorce on an Estate Plan

Effects of Divorce on Estate Plan Estate Planning and Divorce Attorney The majority of married couples go through the estate planning process together, drafting documents to make each other primary beneficiaries. In the event of divorce, the wishes of former spouses often change. This means that you will need to update your estate plan accordingly [...]

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Probate Administration

Probate Administration After a person dies, his or her estate will go through the process of probate administration. This is the official settling and distribution of the estate which is done under court supervision. Proper protocol must be followed in the probate administration process and, if you have never dealt with it before, it can seem confusing [...]

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Seeking Sole Custody of Your Child in Oklahoma

Seeking Sole Custody of Your Child in Oklahoma What are the grounds for an award of sole custody in Oklahoma? Custody will be a primary concern for any parent who finds themselves involved in a divorce in Oklahoma.  When the parents can get along and both serve as positive role models for the child, joint [...]

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I’m Divorced . . . Now What?

I'm Divorced ... Now What? Whether you have just gone through a long divorce or an agreed divorce there are things that you need to do to complete the process.  The Divorce Decree splits up marital assets and debt or in some cases child visitation and child support. But even though these things have been settled in [...]

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Preparing for a Divorce

Preparing for Divorce You may have reached the decision that a divorce would be best for you and your family. Even when you know you are making the right decision, the emotional toll of divorce, the stress of facing the legal system, and the thoughts of what is going to happen to your assets and financial situation [...]

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Why You Need a Divorce Attorney for Your Uncontested Divorce

Why You Need a Divorce Attorney for Your Uncontested Divorce Why do I need a divorce lawyer? If you are starting the divorce process, you may have considered representing yourself instead of hiring a divorce lawyer.  Your likely thought is that you can save money by filing on your own.  However, the decision to forego [...]

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Terminating a Power of Attorney in Oklahoma

Terminating a Power of Attorney in Oklahoma A power of attorney grants a person the legal authority to act on behalf of another. An individual who grants someone this power is known as the “principal,” while the person who is granted the authority to make decisions is known as the “agent” or “attorney-in-fact.” A power of attorney [...]

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