I’m Divorced . . . Now What?

I’m Divorced … Now What?

Whether you have just gone through a long divorce or an agreed divorce there are things that you need to do to complete the process.  The Divorce Decree splits up marital assets and debt or in some cases child visitation and child support. But even though these things have been settled in a Court Order you still must do things to make it happen.

If you have been awarded any real property (such as a home) you will need to execute and file a quit claim deed to the put the property in your name. If you do not do this then the property will remain in both parties’ names and if ever sold or if one party filed for bankruptcy the property could affect both.  This also applies to other forms of property such as cars, boats, jet skis etc. If you have any credit cards or joint banking accounts you need to make sure you remove your ex-spouse so no unauthorized charges or withdrawals are made.

Some things people forget to think about are utilities or insurance bills. Make sure you change the name on the accounts or remove the ex-spouse, it is also wise to make sure you update all of your addresses to ensure the bills come to you.

There are also things that a Divorce Decree can never change which you must do on your own. If you leave your ex-spouse on your Will or Life Insurance policy upon your death they will receive whatever is left in their name. It is very important to change your will (or create a new one) and change any document that names your ex-spouse as a beneficiary.

Finally, if you have minor children it is very important to make sure you keep track of all visitation time and any child support payments. You and your ex-spouse may get along now but if something happens in the future and you need to modify custody or child support the court will want to see a log of everything.

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