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Although getting a divorce can seem like a daunting task it does not have to be. I believe getting a divorce should be as easy and painless as possible. Believe it or not people do this everyday on their own.  To help you I have created a process that walks you through the steps – start to finish.

I offer affordable legal services to those seeking an Uncontested Divorce. In the State of Oklahoma couples can get a divorce based upon incompatibility which is the closest thing to a no-fault divorce.  If both parties can agree on how to split the assets, debts, and property of the marriage as well as child custody (if applicable) then parties can get an Uncontested Divorce. What this means is there is no reason for each party to obtain a lawyer (each paying large sums of money) and present a case in court. Many times, couples can get a divorce and only one person must present the documents to the Judge. 

First things First

Before I can get the process going I need additional information to help me better understand your situation.  I do this through an Online Client Questionnaire.  If you are ready to get the process started please fill out the questionnaire and I will be in contact with you shortly. If you are unsure and need to ask a question, please Contact Me (link) so I can further help you.

After I receive the questionnaire I will be in contact with you for a Free Consultation.  I will go over all your information and let you know if I think this process will work for you and what the next steps are if it does.

Please keep in mind this process is not for everyone so contact (link) Attorney Kristin Drake to find out if this process will work for you.


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