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As a military veteran and military spouse, I know what it means to serve.  I know that living the military lifestyle is demanding and tough, especially with a family.  The military puts a huge strain on families causing some to end in divorce.

There are additional issues that are raised in a divorce when a military member or the spouse wants a divorce.  As a veteran and spouse, I am very aware of these issues and have experience that can help you navigate this process.

Where to File for Divorce in Oklahoma

One of the first issues that must be addressed is where to File for a Military Divorce.  Military members are stationed all over the United States and sometimes overseas.  Just because one spouse lives in Oklahoma does not mean you can get a divorce in Oklahoma. Also, certain requirements must be met before anyone can file in Oklahoma such as living in Oklahoma continuously for the last six (6) months and in the county you which to file in for thirty days (30).  Contact the Law Office of Kristin R. Drake to help determine if you can in fact file for divorce in the State of Oklahoma.

Additional Considerations for a Military Divorce in Oklahoma

There are several complex issues that can arise in a military divorce such as retirement division and difficult child custody and visitation arrangements.  Children of military servicemembers are still entitled to Tricare medical benefits even after a divorce is finalized.  Eventually the service member may receive a pension and as a military spouse you may also be entitled to a portion of this.

Special Protection

The military member may also qualify for special protection by federal law through the Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act (SCRA).  The SCRA may not apply in all situations but can protect the servicemember while they are assigned away from the court.

Contact Military Divorce Attorney Kristin Drake 

Getting a divorce does not need to be costly or difficult. The Law Office of Kristin R. Drake, has helped many clients navigate this process including military servicemembers and spouses. Make sure you protect your future by contacting us for a free consultation.

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