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Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce Forms

Oklahoma Divorce Forms

A divorce is a stressful time for a family, even when it is uncontested. If you and your spouse have agreed to a divorce, know that the process does not have to be long, drawn out, and complicated. Dedicated attorney Kristin R. Drake will give you all of the tools you need to seamlessly go through the process of getting an uncontested divorce. Her affordable services include flat fee packages that have all of the legal documents you need to efficiently navigate the uncontested divorce legal process.

What Forms are Required in an Uncontested Divorce?

Oklahoma has very specific requirements for getting an uncontested divorce. All forms must be properly drafted and executed to ensure the process runs as smooth as possible. The required forms include:

  • Petition for Divorce. The person filing for divorce is referred to as the “petitioner” and the other spouse is referred to as the “respondent.” The Petition identifies the parties, states the grounds for divorce, and asks that a divorce be granted, which is referred to as the “relief sought.” In an uncontested divorce, the stated grounds is usually incompatibility.
  • Waiver of Summons and Entry of Appearance. You may sometimes hear an uncontested divorce referred to as a “waiver divorce.” This is because the Respondent spouse will sign a Waiver of Summons and Entry of Appearance that will waive the requirement of them being formally served with a court summons and petition. It means that they are voluntarily entering into the divorce proceedings and they can also waive all future notices from the court.
  • Decree of Divorce. This memorializes the court’s final ruling on your divorce. It signals the finalization of the divorce and will include all of the agreed upon terms of the divorce. The judge signing the Decree terminates the marriage.
  • Custody Agreement (if you have minor children). If you have agreed to a sole or a joint custody arrangement, this document will lay out the terms and conditions. It will also include the agreed upon visitation schedule.
  • Child Support Computation (if you have minor children). This shows the child support calculation made based on state guidelines. The state guidelines take into account things like the number of children, the gross monthly income of each parent, daycare costs, and health insurance costs. The guidelines are established by statute to determine child support. You and your spouse or a judge may deviate from the calculation made under the state guidelines if the situation merits doing so.
  • Certificate of Parenting Course Completion (if you have minor children). Regardless of whether the divorce is contested or uncontested, all divorcing parents of minor children must complete a court approved parenting course. The certificate of course completion must be filed before the divorce will be finalized.
  • Quitclaim Deed (if needed). If, as part of the agreed upon terms of the divorce, you and your spouse have agreed that one of you should transfer their ownership interest in property like the marital home, you will need a quitclaim deed to accomplish this.

Carefully review all documents and only sign if you agree with the contents of the forms in their entirety. While an uncontested divorce can be quickly and easily achieved, modification of a finalized divorce can take a lot of time, money, and energy.

File the Petition for Divorce in the county’s District Court. Oklahoma residency requirement mandates that you or your spouse must have lived in the county in which you are filing for at least 30 days. Additionally, either you or your spouse must have lived in the State of Oklahoma for 6 months immediately preceding the filing of the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.

Oklahoma has a mandatory waiting period between when the Petition for Divorce is filed and when the divorce will be finalized. If there are no minor children, the waiting period is 10 days. If there are minor children, there is a 90-day waiting period. The 90 days may be waived down to 30 days, but this is granted at the discretion of the Judge.

Trusted Divorce Legal Support

Going through a divorce is difficult enough. Know that the road to getting an uncontested divorce does not need to be an added burden. Attorney Kristin R. Drake is here to provide you will all of the necessary legal documents you need to easily achieve an uncontested divorce. Contact her today to discuss her affordable flat rate services.